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Ghost Stories
December 2013

The Holy Spirit indwells in the life of each Christian.   These lessons look at how we get the Holy Spirit and how He works in our lives.

Jesus is Greater Than
November 2013

Jesus is greater than any situation that we can ever encounter.  Many Christians have terrible things happen in this life, but always remember that Jesus is greater than anything this life can throw at you.

Moving Forward!
November 2013

As we enter our second year as a new plant congregation, let us continue forward and build on what Christ has established and let God add the increase.

Elisha, A Tale of Incredible Faith!
October 2013

Elisha was man who had Incredible Faith even in the face of adversity.   We all face adversity in our lives and his life is such an example of how to deal with it.   

The Great I AM!
September 2013 - October 2013

This series deals with some of the "I AM" statements of Jesus.   Each is a great encouragement to the Christian to know for certain our way to Heaven is there.

August 2013

You can never outgive God.   He created the Heavens and the Earth and all that we have or ever will have comes from God.  God is so generous with us, are we as generous?

Growing Past Your Past
July 2013 - August 2013

Everyone has baggage, right?  No one likes carrying it around all the time, letting it hold you down and always going through it.  I know I don't!  So if you want to get on the path of cleaning it out and getting rid of it, come join us for this new series called Growing Past Your Past.

May 2013 - June 2013

Our culture is shifting all around us.   Many of us have seen things that not so many years ago was unacceptable, but now many accept.   Daniel was a man of integrity who was forced into a different culture, far different than his, but he did not let this change him.   This series looks at the life of Daniel and we can learn many things from this man of God.

May 2013

In this world of mass communications where information can be disseminated around the world in seconds, how is our own communication with God?    This series, Wi-Fi, deals with improving our communication with God.   

Soul Therapy
April 2013

Are things in the world interfering with you living your life for Christ?   What is causing you to stumble?   This series deals with ways of creating a deeper relationship with Christ and living for Him.

Following After Jesus
April 2013

Who are you following in life?   Are you a true believer?   What is going on in your life?   This series looks at the people who followed Jesus when he called them and what they did to follow him.    

The Pursuit of Joy in Our Life
March 2013

The book of Philippians deals with the Pursuit of Joy in our lives.   True joy comes from living a Christian life.

Jesus is the Lamb
March 2013

The Lamb of God, whose sacrifice saved us from sin.   The Lamb sits on the throne in heaven and through him we have eternal life.

My Story
February 2013 - March 2013

What stories are we writing about our lives?   What decisions are we making today that will help us tell a good story or bad story tomorrow.

How to Save a Life by Breaking the Rules
February 2013 - March 2013

How do we reach the sinners of the world?    Do we do this by associating only with other Christians or do we need to associate with sinners?     Jesus was very successful with reaching sinners and this series explores how Jesus reached them.

Songs of Praise

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