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Finding Hope
August 2016 - September 2016

What have you placed your hope in? That really is a good question because many have misplaced their hope. They have put their hope in the wrong places. The answer is there is always hope, but it will not be found in this world. Our only hope is found in the person of Jesus Christ. He alone can give us hope. Jesus Christ and Heaven are eternal that gives us an eternal hope; sounds like good news to me.

Obstacle Course
August 2016

The seed, Jesus says, is the Word of God and three out of four hearts will not respond to the Word. Don't be discouraged, we still need to plant the seed because He says there is a 25 percent chance it will fall upon a receptive heart. Your job is to cast the seed. Trust God to give the increase.

Getting Over It!
July 2016

You have heard, perhaps you have even said these words "Get over it." What do you mean “Get Over it”? Do you know how badly I was hurt? We all have been hurt but dwelling on it, and holding on to it, is not helping you. So God tells us to get rid of it, forgive and let it go, so that you can experience His peace.  

It Is Written
June 2016

There is great value in us partaking of the Word each day. The Word is called the “Bread of Life,” meaning you need the Word of God to survive, to give you life. You would not go without food each day but yet you make a choice to neglect feeding your Spiritual body. You are dying because you refuse to partake of the “Bread of Life.” God has supplied us the very best Spiritual food in the Word of God.

Winner Takes All
May 2016


God wants us to be winners as well and will help us to achieve our goals. It’s important for us to set our mind on winning. This includes our jobs, our finances, our relationships and our Spiritual life. We need to be aware Satan will throw every obstacle and resistance in our way and sometimes it seems a wall we can’t conquer. The good news is God is in the business of tearing down walls. If you have God, you will always be on the winning side. Come and join us for the next four weeks as we explore Joshua and what it’s like to be a winner.

A Better Way
April 2016

The world has its way of doing things. The problem is, it’s the wrong way. What if there was a better way to live your life? The answer, of course, there is a better way to live your life. It’s to walk with Christ. This is a “way better” way. The world will tell us, we need to be independent, make our own way.  You are in charge of your life. The Bible shares a better way.

Awesome God
February 2016 - April 2016

The word “Awesome.”  You used it when it was just something that was so great that was the only word you could think of. I remember singing the song “Our God is an Awesome God.”  He is really Awesome; He is so great! When you just step back and think about God, He is so amazing and so worthy of our worship and our praise; He really is that great. The fact is that we now, through Jesus Christ, have complete access to Him.  We are going to be talking for the next several weeks, at our worship service at Antelope, about our Awesome God.

The Dreamer, A Study of the Life of Joseph
January 2016 - February 2016

We will be looking at the life of Joseph. He was able to keep his dreams alive even through adversity. Not once did he quit. He remained faithful till the end and finally, his dream was fulfilled.  What are your dreams? Do you have a big dream for yourself or for God and His Church? We need more dreamers in our world today, not day dreamers but people who are willing to put their dreams into action. I want to challenge you to dream big dreams for yourself but make sure your biggest dreams are reserved for God and His Church. 

A Life of Purpose
January 2016
God has called people all through the Bible to serve Him. Some of them, you scratch your head and ask, how could God use them? Yet, He does. He uses unlikely people to carry out His purposes. He called a shepherd boy to be a king. He called a murderer to be one of His apostles. He called fishermen, and even a tax collector, to be His disciples. God is calling you now.
Knowing the Real God
December 2015

God wants us to know Him. That is why God the Father sent His Son to this earth to reveal to us what God is really like. What we see when we get to know God is a God who deeply loves us and is full of love and compassion for His creation. 

November 2015 - December 2015

The Bible tells us we need to live in this world but that we should not let the world live in us.  Sounds like an easy task, right? We live in a time that is so morally corrupt it is scary. So if we can’t let the world live in us, how should we live? The answer is, we should live differently than the world.

Be Positive
September 2015 - October 2015

The truth is if you’re a negative Christian, you are negative because you are making a choice to be negative. You are making a choice to only focus on the negative things in life. Sadly, you are now feeding off of that negative spirit. God has called His people to be positive. For the next several Sunday mornings, we will be looking at ways we can be more positive in our Christian walk. 

God in the Mirror
August 2015 - September 2015

We get so caught up in copying other people: we want to act like them, we want to dress like them, and we want to talk like them. God doesn't want us to copy anyone in this world. What He wants is for us to reflect His image. He wants to reveal Himself to the world and He does it through His children. Are we reflecting His image? When we look in the mirror, we should see God in the mirror. So come on a journey with us as we explore the image of God.

The Armor of God
July 2015 - August 2015

I think all of us right now feel a little beat down, especially with what is going on in our country today. We have a lot of doubts and fears and we have this constant battle we are dealing with inside of us between the Spirit and the flesh. Far too often, the flesh has too strong a pull in us. So we need help; we need to be stronger and God is more than willing to help us in this battle. We are not fighting this battle against Satan alone, we have God's protection. 

Satan and His Lies
June 2015

Satan is the father of lies. His purpose is to kill, steal and destroy you and your family. Some of the lies that we will be looking at: you don't have what it takes; you can fix this yourself; you deserve to be happy; and you will never change. I hope you come and join us as we study God's Word together.  

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