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Living in His Presence
November 2017

God’s greatest desire is for us to love Him. He is not going to force us to love Him because that is not love. God wants us to make a choice from our hearts to love Him with all that we have. God desires our love and we express that love in our worship of Him. God loves us so much that He allowed His son to die for us.

A Treasury of One-Time Sermons
June 2013 - October 2017

These are single lesson sermons which are not tied to a specific series.   Lots of wonderful gems from God's word.

God Still Speaks
October 2017

God is still speaking to us today. Some have said God is silent but that simply is not true. The problem is God is speaking, we are just not listening. God wants to help us along our journey. We have decisions and choices we make and we need some sound advice before we make them.  Listen to the voice of God. For the next several weeks we are going to be looking at how God speaks to us today. We are also going to look at how we need to respond to His voice. 

Tune Up
September 2017

Many of us will make sure that our cars are well maintained. You see we need our cars to get us around so we take our cars in for maintenance and tune-ups so they run well. What about our spiritual life, do we allow God to tune us up? Our lives can get out of tune when we allow things to come into us that put us out of tune with God. God wants to help us tune up our spiritual lives. He knows what needs to be fixed. He is the very best. Come and join us for the next four weeks and learn how God can keep us well maintained.

Go All In
August 2017

It is so easy for us to blend into the world. We call this “being conformed to the world,” fitting into a “mold of the world.” God doesn't want us to fit into the world, He want us to stand out, to be transformed, to be a city that is set on a hill leading people to Christ. Come and find out what it means to go all in.

A Study of Proverbs
June 2017 - July 2017

This is a series on Proverbs.   There is so much in Proverbs to learn from and live by.  Follow this series for many practical ways to apply them to your life and become a more mature Christian.

Tough Questions
May 2017 - June 2017

We are starting a new series this Sunday all about some of the tough questions that we all ask. I will do my best to answer as much as I can but I cannot do it all, certainty that's called walking by sight.  We have to walk in faith but it’s not wrong to have questions. Hopefully, we will answer a few.

The Holy Spirit
April 2017 - May 2017

The Helper, the Holy Spirit lives inside of each Christian who has been baptized into Christ. God is with us; we are now the dwelling place of God. For the next three weeks we are going on a journey to better understand the Holy Spirit which is part of the Godhead.  Come and join us and let God’s Spirit move you.

March 2017 - April 2017

How many of us have projects we started but never finished? God started a good work in all of us but we are unfinished. God is working in us so that when people see us, they see the image of Jesus. Our goal in life should be to Honor and Glorify God but the truth is we spend far too much time trying to glorify self. God has much work to do in all of us.  

Standing Strong
February 2017

As you and I live in this world very few things are guaranteed. You have heard it said “only things that are guaranteed are death and taxes,” but there is a third truth that is guaranteed and it’s the most important one. God’s promises are guaranteed.  All through the Bible, from the start to the finish, the thread of God’s promises and the fulfillment of those promises are found. God is faithful even when we are not. You can build your life on the Faithfulness of God. 

January 2017

We need a strong vibrant congregation in our area. God has called us to be that Church. We are starting a new series called “Words.” The Sermon on Sunday is called “The Power of Our Words.”  Our words should be the Word of God, should always reflect His direction, love and grace.

A Study of Romans
November 2016 - December 2016

We all owe a debt to God we could not pay. It took Jesus dying on the cross to pay this debt; His last words were "it is finished."  This means the debt is “paid in full.” He paid a debt only He could pay. He paid our debt of sin and we owe him so much for doing this for us. Now, what will you do in return? You must spread the news of what Jesus has done. You and I must do it now. It’s urgent!

September 2016 - October 2016

I don't think any of us like to hear the word “no’; we prefer the answer “yes.” However, many people go through life thinking that God has said “no” to them because of what they are going through. God tells us something completely different; He says everything is “yes” in Christ Jesus. He comforts us so that we may comfort others who are going through the same thing we have gone through. I am so thankful for the “yes” of Jesus.    

Finding Hope
August 2016 - September 2016

What have you placed your hope in? That really is a good question because many have misplaced their hope. They have put their hope in the wrong places. The answer is there is always hope, but it will not be found in this world. Our only hope is found in the person of Jesus Christ. He alone can give us hope. Jesus Christ and Heaven are eternal that gives us an eternal hope; sounds like good news to me.

Obstacle Course
August 2016

The seed, Jesus says, is the Word of God and three out of four hearts will not respond to the Word. Don't be discouraged, we still need to plant the seed because He says there is a 25 percent chance it will fall upon a receptive heart. Your job is to cast the seed. Trust God to give the increase.

Songs of Praise

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