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Honesty Is the Only Way

How do you feel when you know that someone is lying to you? It’s hard to trust someone who has a habit of lying. God hates it and if you continue to do it, God will allow you to go to hell. It’s said hell is reserved for liars and the Father of all lies is Satan. God wants us to be known for our honesty with yourself, with others and especially with God.

So how are you doing in the honesty department? We all have had times where we have not been honest, so we need to quickly confess those times to God. Don't allow yourself to continue in this because you will quickly see that you will be consumed by darkness. This is where Satan does his work. He can’t work in the light, so quickly confess your sins. Make it your goal to be honest with yourself and with others. Remember, God see's all. You must be honest with Him.

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