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His Manifest Presence

As Christians, we have the privilege of being able to live in the presence of God. We know that God’s presence is everywhere but not everyone gets to have God’s presence living in them and experience the manifest presence of God. Only God’s people are blessed with His direct presence. What a joy to be in His presence on a daily basis.

There are many ways to come into His presence but the primary way I want to talk about is worship. We enter into His presence as we worship, as we praise Him in our worship God comes into our presence. This is not just a Sunday experience but sadly many only enter into His presence during worship on Sunday. We need to enter into His presence with worship several times a day, it will literally change your day. As you worship on good days and bad days. He will give you joy and peace. It’s a good thing for you to be in His presence.  Examine your worship pattern and you might just find it’s simply not enough time.

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