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Be the Light

It seems the world is getting darker, more evil each day. The reason is because Christians’ are not shinning their lights like they should.  Many are compromising their standards and darkness is consuming them.   All Christians have a mission to be the light to this world, to let Christ shine bright in their life.  We are the world’s only hope as Christians; we are a beacon a light so that the world can see Jesus and be saved.

We need to take our mission seriously. It literally is a matter of life and death. Darkness needs to be exposed and we, as Christians with Christ shinning in us, expose the darkness and give the world hope. How are you doing, are you being the light or are you hiding your light?  I hope you come and see how to do this as we conclude our series we are talking about headlights. How we can be the light of the world? Come and join us.

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