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You Must Be Transformed

It is so easy for us to blend into the world. We call this “being conformed to the world,” fitting into a “mold of the world.” God doesn't want us to fit into the world, He want us to stand out, to be transformed, to be a city that is set on a hill leading people to Christ. It’s so easy for us to be conformed to the world. Before we know it, we have drifted away from Christ and found ourselves acting just like the world.

You have to make a decision. If you are going to be a Christian, you have to go all in.  You need to totally commit everything to the Lord when you do. God’s power becomes active in your life and a transformation will take place. You can’t do it with your own power, you will fail every time. Thank God you’re not the person you use to be. God has changed you because you decided to go all in. Come and find out what it means to go all in. We will be showing you how to do it for the next four weeks.

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